OpenFOAM® Training

OpenFOAM®  Training

OpenCFD deliver OpenFOAM®  Foundation and Advanced training courses. Each course is of 2 days duration and is delivered by OpenCFD staff. In addition, we deliver a 1 day Visual-CFD training course for users wanting a GUI driven workflow. Our new applications-based training now includes a Vehicle External Aerodynamics course.

There are scheduled courses at a range of locations worldwide and will also provide on-site courses on request. OpenCFD’s experience in OpenFOAM Training is unrivalled, having delivered hundreds of courses to thousands of users since 2008.

Gain confidence in using OpenFOAM

Foundation Course

  • Become familiar with the OpenFOAM environment
  • Understand the log files, solvers settings, boundary conditions
  • Learn to create quality mesh with snappyHexMesh
  • Explore functionObjects, add source terms, post-process effectively
  • Learn more

Advanced Course

  • Explore dynamic mesh, multiphase and heat transfer capabilities
  • Learn how to extend OpenFOAM models, boudary conditions, sources …
  • Understand OpenFOAM source code
  • Learn more

Apply OpenFOAM

Visual-CFD Course

  • Learn how to extend OpenFOAM functionality with Visual-CFD from ESI
  • Explore GUI-based workflow to work with any CAD geometry and format directly
  • Setup your case easily and automate your work with python macros from the GUI
  • Learn more

Vehicle External Aerodynamics Course

  • Learn how to use OpenFOAM for external aerodynamics
  • Turbulence modelling from RANS to DDES
  • Best practices to setup the case and post-processing
  • Learn more

On-site Courses

OpenCFD also provide the courses on site for companies and organisations requiring training for larger groups of people. For more information, please visit the on-site training page.

Schedule, Pricing, Booking and Course Details

  • For course dates, booking a course, and pricing, please see the current schedule.
  • Courses are priced in currencies relating to the locality of the training and all prices are NET and exclusive any local taxes, e.g. VAT.
  • In order to reserve a place on a course, please pre-register via the schedule page. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Places are only confirmed upon receipt of payment prior to the course.
  • For details of course content, please see OpenFOAM Foundation , OpenFOAM Advanced and Visual-CFD course descriptions.
  • All courses are delivered in English.
  • For further information, please see the Terms and Conditions.

Course Delivery

All courses are delivered by development/support staff of OpenCFD Limited, producers of OpenFOAM. Participants can be assured that:

  • they are being taught by people who really know OpenFOAM and who regularly teach OpenFOAM on-site to customers and within our busy schedule of hosted courses;
  • they receive correct information about the applications and libraries within OpenFOAM, correct explanation of the coding frameworks and algorithms in OpenFOAM, etc.;
  • courses are updated as developments are made, so always contain the latest information;
  • user comments and feedback inform future developments of OpenFOAM;
  • profits from course fees are invested in the development of OpenFOAM.

Further Enquiries

For further enquiries, please contact us via our training enquiries page.