OpenFOAM® Community Repository

OpenFOAM®  Community Repository

As part of OpenCFD’s growing commitment to OpenFOAM users and enthusiasts, we have established a group for community project repositories

Many interesting and exciting projects build on, and extend, OpenFOAM capabilities, without a recognised means to share and collaborate. Similarly, a project might be too specialised to fit within the main OpenFOAM distribution; or part of ongoing work that is in ‘staging’ prior to full integration into OpenFOAM; or perhaps lacking the final polish to be production-ready, but useful nevertheless.

The Community Repository provides a transparent means for sharing and collaborating on public projects. Each project requires a custodian (inside or outside OpenCFD, or both) who guides the development, addresses issues and ensures continued compatibility with newer versions of OpenFOAM. It should:

  • be compatible with the develop branch
  • contain one or more tutorials exemplifying its use
  • contain supporting documentation to detail its scope
  • include publication references for implemented models (where relevant) stating any deviations from the reference material e.g. additional terms or the need to introduce stabilising factors

All registrants on our Gitlab service have a vote for each project — each vote adds to community acceptance towards integration in the next public release of OpenFOAM.

All contributions must be licensed as GPL v3 or later. The copyright remains with the originating author or, at their discretion and where permitted, can be transferred to OpenCFD.

If you have a project that you would like to contribute to the new repository, please contact us.