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class  autoPtr< T >
 Pointer management similar to std::unique_ptr, with some additional methods and type checking. More...


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


#define Foam_autoPtr_copyConstruct
#define Foam_autoPtr_copyAssign
#define Foam_autoPtr_castOperator


template<class T >
void Swap (autoPtr< T > &lhs, autoPtr< T > &rhs)
 Specializes the Swap algorithm for autoPtr. More...

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◆ Foam_autoPtr_copyConstruct

#define Foam_autoPtr_copyConstruct

Definition at line 49 of file autoPtr.H.

◆ Foam_autoPtr_copyAssign

#define Foam_autoPtr_copyAssign

Definition at line 50 of file autoPtr.H.

◆ Foam_autoPtr_castOperator

#define Foam_autoPtr_castOperator

Definition at line 51 of file autoPtr.H.