AtomizationModel< CloudType > Class Template Referenceabstract

Templated atomization model class. More...

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Public Member Functions

 TypeName ("atomizationModel")
 Runtime type information. More...
 declareRunTimeSelectionTable (autoPtr, AtomizationModel, dictionary,(const dictionary &dict, CloudType &owner),(dict, owner))
 Declare runtime constructor selection table. More...
 AtomizationModel (CloudType &owner)
 Construct null from owner. More...
 AtomizationModel (const dictionary &dict, CloudType &owner, const word &type)
 Construct from dictionary. More...
 AtomizationModel (const AtomizationModel< CloudType > &am)
 Construct copy. More...
virtual autoPtr< AtomizationModel< CloudType > > clone () const =0
 Construct and return a clone. More...
virtual ~AtomizationModel ()
 Destructor. More...
scalar Taverage (const scalar &Tliq, const scalar &Tc) const
 Average temperature calculation. More...
virtual scalar initLiquidCore () const =0
 Initial value of liquidCore. More...
virtual bool calcChi () const =0
 Flag to indicate if chi needs to be calculated. More...
virtual void update (const scalar dt, scalar &d, scalar &liquidCore, scalar &tc, const scalar rho, const scalar mu, const scalar sigma, const scalar volFlowRate, const scalar rhoAv, const scalar Urel, const vector &pos, const vector &injectionPos, const scalar pAmbient, const scalar chi, Random &rndGen) const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static autoPtr< AtomizationModel< CloudType > > New (const dictionary &dict, CloudType &owner)
 Selector. More...

Detailed Description

template<class CloudType>
class Foam::AtomizationModel< CloudType >

Templated atomization model class.

Source files

Definition at line 48 of file SprayCloud.H.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AtomizationModel() [1/3]

Construct null from owner.

Definition at line 34 of file AtomizationModel.C.

◆ AtomizationModel() [2/3]

AtomizationModel ( const dictionary dict,
CloudType owner,
const word type 

Construct from dictionary.

Definition at line 54 of file AtomizationModel.C.

◆ AtomizationModel() [3/3]

Construct copy.

Definition at line 44 of file AtomizationModel.C.

◆ ~AtomizationModel()

~AtomizationModel ( )


Definition at line 67 of file AtomizationModel.C.

Member Function Documentation

◆ TypeName()

TypeName ( "atomizationModel"  )

Runtime type information.

◆ declareRunTimeSelectionTable()

declareRunTimeSelectionTable ( autoPtr  ,
AtomizationModel< CloudType ,
dictionary  ,
(const dictionary &dict, CloudType &owner)  ,
(dict, owner)   

Declare runtime constructor selection table.

◆ clone()

virtual autoPtr<AtomizationModel<CloudType> > clone ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ New()

Foam::autoPtr< Foam::AtomizationModel< CloudType > > New ( const dictionary dict,
CloudType owner 


Definition at line 36 of file AtomizationModelNew.C.

◆ Taverage()

Foam::scalar Taverage ( const scalar &  Tliq,
const scalar &  Tc 
) const

Average temperature calculation.

Definition at line 75 of file AtomizationModel.C.

◆ initLiquidCore()

virtual scalar initLiquidCore ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ calcChi()

virtual bool calcChi ( ) const
pure virtual

Flag to indicate if chi needs to be calculated.

Implemented in LISAAtomization< CloudType >, BlobsSheetAtomization< CloudType >, and NoAtomization< CloudType >.

◆ update()

virtual void update ( const scalar  dt,
scalar &  d,
scalar &  liquidCore,
scalar &  tc,
const scalar  rho,
const scalar  mu,
const scalar  sigma,
const scalar  volFlowRate,
const scalar  rhoAv,
const scalar  Urel,
const vector pos,
const vector injectionPos,
const scalar  pAmbient,
const scalar  chi,
Random rndGen 
) const
pure virtual

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