EulerImplicit< ChemistryModel > Class Template Reference

An Euler implicit solver for chemistry. More...

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Public Member Functions

 TypeName ("EulerImplicit")
 Runtime type information. More...
 EulerImplicit (typename ChemistryModel::reactionThermo &thermo)
 Construct from thermo. More...
virtual ~EulerImplicit ()
 Destructor. More...
void updateRRInReactionI (const label index, const scalar pr, const scalar pf, const scalar corr, const label lRef, const label rRef, const scalar p, const scalar T, simpleMatrix< scalar > &RR) const
virtual void solve (scalarField &c, scalar &T, scalar &p, scalar &deltaT, scalar &subDeltaT) const
 Update the concentrations and return the chemical time. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chemistrySolver< ChemistryModel >
 chemistrySolver (typename ChemistryModel::reactionThermo &thermo)
 Construct from thermo. More...
virtual ~chemistrySolver ()
 Destructor. More...

Detailed Description

template<class ChemistryModel>
class Foam::EulerImplicit< ChemistryModel >

An Euler implicit solver for chemistry.

Source files

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EulerImplicit()

EulerImplicit ( typename ChemistryModel::reactionThermo &  thermo)

Construct from thermo.

Definition at line 38 of file EulerImplicit.C.

◆ ~EulerImplicit()

~EulerImplicit ( )


Definition at line 53 of file EulerImplicit.C.

Member Function Documentation

◆ TypeName()

TypeName ( "EulerImplicit< ChemistryModel >"  )

Runtime type information.

◆ updateRRInReactionI()

void updateRRInReactionI ( const label  index,
const scalar  pr,
const scalar  pf,
const scalar  corr,
const label  lRef,
const label  rRef,
const scalar  p,
const scalar  T,
simpleMatrix< scalar > &  RR 
) const

Definition at line 61 of file EulerImplicit.C.

References forAll, R, Foam::constant::thermodynamic::RR, and s.

◆ solve()

void solve ( scalarField c,
scalar &  T,
scalar &  p,
scalar &  deltaT,
scalar &  subDeltaT 
) const

Update the concentrations and return the chemical time.

Implements chemistrySolver< ChemistryModel >.

Definition at line 96 of file EulerImplicit.C.

References Foam::constant::universal::c, Foam::constant::electromagnetic::e, forAll, Foam::max(), Foam::min(), mixture, nSpecie, p, Foam::constant::thermodynamic::RR, Foam::sum(), and T.

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