MassTransferPhaseSystem< BasePhaseSystem > Class Template Reference

Class for mass transfer between phases. More...

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Public Types

typedef HashTable< autoPtr< interfaceCompositionModel >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hashmassTransferModelTable
typedef HashTable< volScalarField::InternalSuSpTable

Public Member Functions

 MassTransferPhaseSystem (const fvMesh &)
 Construct from fvMesh. More...
virtual ~MassTransferPhaseSystem ()=default
 Destructor. More...
tmp< volScalarFielddmdt (const phasePairKey &key) const
 Return total interfacial mass flow rate. More...
virtual tmp< fvScalarMatrixheatTransfer (const volScalarField &T)
 Return the heat transfer matrix. More...
virtual tmp< fvScalarMatrixvolTransfer (const volScalarField &p)
 Return the volumetric rate transfer matrix. More...
virtual void correctMassSources (const volScalarField &T)
 Correct/calculates mass sources dmdt for phases. More...
virtual void alphaTransfer (SuSpTable &Su, SuSpTable &Sp)
 Calculate mass transfer for alpha's. More...
virtual void massSpeciesTransfer (const phaseModel &phase, volScalarField::Internal &Su, volScalarField::Internal &Sp, const word speciesName)
 Calculate mass transfer for species. More...
virtual bool includeVolChange ()
 Add volume change in pEq. More...

Protected Types

typedef HashPtrTable< volScalarField, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hashdmdtTable

Protected Member Functions

tmp< volScalarFieldcalculateL (const volScalarField &dmdtNetki, const phasePairKey &keyik, const phasePairKey &keyki, const volScalarField &T) const
 Calculate L between phases. More...

Protected Attributes

dmdtTable dmdt_
 Overall inter-phase mass transfer rates [Kg/s]. More...
massTransferModelTable massTransferModels_
 Mass transfer models. More...

Detailed Description

template<class BasePhaseSystem>
class Foam::MassTransferPhaseSystem< BasePhaseSystem >

Class for mass transfer between phases.

Source files

Definition at line 53 of file MassTransferPhaseSystem.H.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ massTransferModelTable

◆ SuSpTable

◆ dmdtTable

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MassTransferPhaseSystem()

MassTransferPhaseSystem ( const fvMesh )

Construct from fvMesh.

◆ ~MassTransferPhaseSystem()

virtual ~MassTransferPhaseSystem ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ calculateL()

tmp<volScalarField> calculateL ( const volScalarField dmdtNetki,
const phasePairKey keyik,
const phasePairKey keyki,
const volScalarField T 
) const

Calculate L between phases.

◆ dmdt()

tmp<volScalarField> dmdt ( const phasePairKey key) const

Return total interfacial mass flow rate.

◆ heatTransfer()

virtual tmp<fvScalarMatrix> heatTransfer ( const volScalarField T)

Return the heat transfer matrix.

NOTE: Call KSu and KSp with T as variable,if not provided uses dmdt.

◆ volTransfer()

virtual tmp<fvScalarMatrix> volTransfer ( const volScalarField p)

Return the volumetric rate transfer matrix.

NOTE: Call KSu and KSp with p as variable,if not provided uses dmdt.

◆ correctMassSources()

virtual void correctMassSources ( const volScalarField T)

Correct/calculates mass sources dmdt for phases.

NOTE: Call the kexp() for all the mass transfer models.

◆ alphaTransfer()

virtual void alphaTransfer ( SuSpTable Su,
SuSpTable Sp 

Calculate mass transfer for alpha's.

◆ massSpeciesTransfer()

virtual void massSpeciesTransfer ( const phaseModel phase,
volScalarField::Internal Su,
volScalarField::Internal Sp,
const word  speciesName 

Calculate mass transfer for species.

◆ includeVolChange()

virtual bool includeVolChange ( )

Add volume change in pEq.

Member Data Documentation

◆ dmdt_

dmdtTable dmdt_

Overall inter-phase mass transfer rates [Kg/s].

Definition at line 90 of file MassTransferPhaseSystem.H.

◆ massTransferModels_

massTransferModelTable massTransferModels_

Mass transfer models.

Definition at line 93 of file MassTransferPhaseSystem.H.

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