cellShape Member List

This is the complete list of members for cellShape, including all inherited members.

append(const T &val)List< T >inline
append(T &&val)List< T >inline
append(const UList< T > &list)List< T >inline
append(const IndirectListBase< T, Addr > &list)List< T >inline
cellShape(const cellModel &model, const labelUList &labels, const bool doCollapse=false)cellShapeinline
cellShape(const cellModel &model, labelUList &&labels, const bool doCollapse=false)cellShapeinline
cellShape(const word &modelName, const labelUList &labels, const bool doCollapse=false)cellShapeinline
cellShape(Istream &is)cellShapeinline
centre(const UList< point > &points) constcellShapeinline
clear()List< T >inline
clone() constcellShapeinline
collapsedFaces() constcellShapeinline
edges() constcellShapeinline
faces() constcellShapeinline
info() constcellShapeinline
List() noexceptList< T >inline
List(const label len)List< T >explicit
List(const label len, const T &val)List< T >
List(const label len, const zero)List< T >
List(const one, const T &val)List< T >
List(const one, T &&val)List< T >
List(const one, const zero)List< T >
List(const List< T > &a)List< T >
List(const UList< T > &a)List< T >explicit
List(List< T > &a, bool reuse)List< T >
List(const UList< T > &list, const labelUList &indices)List< T >
List(const UList< T > &list, const FixedList< label, N > &indices)List< T >
List(InputIterator begIter, InputIterator endIter)List< T >
List(const FixedList< T, N > &list)List< T >explicit
List(const PtrList< T > &list)List< T >explicit
List(const SLList< T > &list)List< T >explicit
List(const IndirectListBase< T, Addr > &list)List< T >explicit
List(std::initializer_list< T > list)List< T >
List(List< T > &&list)List< T >
List(DynamicList< T, SizeMin > &&list)List< T >
List(SortableList< T > &&list)List< T >
List(SLList< T > &&list)List< T >
List(Istream &is)List< T >
mag(const UList< point > &points) constcellShapeinline
meshEdges(const edgeList &allEdges, const labelList &cEdges) constcellShapeinline
meshFaces(const faceList &allFaces, const cell &cFaces) constcellShapeinline
model() constcellShapeinline
nEdges() constcellShapeinline
newElmt(const label i)List< T >inline
nFaces() constcellShapeinline
nPoints() constcellShapeinline
null()List< T >inlinestatic
operator<<(Ostream &os, const cellShape &s)cellShapefriend
operator=(const UList< T > &a)List< T >
operator=(const List< T > &list)List< T >
operator=(const SLList< T > &list)List< T >
operator=(const IndirectListBase< T, Addr > &list)List< T >
operator=(const FixedList< T, N > &list)List< T >
operator=(std::initializer_list< T > list)List< T >
operator=(const T &val)List< T >inline
operator=(const zero)List< T >inline
operator=(List< T > &&list)List< T >
operator=(DynamicList< T, SizeMin > &&list)List< T >
operator=(SortableList< T > &&list)List< T >
operator=(SLList< T > &&list)List< T >
operator==(const cellShape &a, const cellShape &b)cellShapefriend
operator>>(Istream &is, cellShape &s)cellShapefriend
points(const UList< point > &meshPoints) constcellShapeinline
resize(const label newSize)List< T >inline
resize(const label newSize, const T &val)List< T >
resize(const label newSize)List< T >inline
set(const label i, bool val=true)List< T >inline
setSize(const label newSize)List< T >inline
setSize(const label newSize, const T &val)List< T >inline
shallowCopy(const UList< T > &)=deleteList< T >
subList typedefList< T >
transfer(List< T > &list)List< T >
transfer(DynamicList< T, SizeMin > &list)List< T >
transfer(SortableList< T > &list)List< T >
~List()List< T >