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 if (mag(gamma - min(Cp/Cv).value()) > VSMALL)
 if (!local)
thermo correct ()
rho relax ()
rho writeMinMax (Info)


const tmp< volScalarField > & tCp = thermo.Cp()
const tmp< volScalarField > & tCv = thermo.Cv()
const volScalarField & Cp = tCp()
const volScalarField & Cv = tCv()
const scalar gamma = max(Cp/Cv).value()
const dictionary & thermoDict = thermo.subDict("mixture")
const dictionary & eosDict = thermoDict.subDict("equationOfState")
 bool = eosDict.getOrDefault("local", false)
const volScalarField & p0 = p.oldTime()
 he = thermo.he(p, pow(p/p0, (gamma - scalar(1))/gamma)*T0)
 psi = 1.0/((Cp - Cv)*T)
 rho = thermo.rho()

Function Documentation

◆ if() [1/2]

if ( mag(gamma - min(Cp/Cv).value())  ,

Definition at line 11 of file EEqn.H.

References notImplemented.

◆ if() [2/2]

if ( local)

Definition at line 26 of file EEqn.H.

References eosDict, gamma, he, p, p0, Foam::pow(), and T0.

Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ correct()

thermo correct ( )

◆ relax()

rho relax ( )

◆ writeMinMax()

rho writeMinMax ( Info  )

Variable Documentation

◆ tCp

◆ tCv

const tmp<volScalarField>& tCv = thermo.Cv()

Definition at line 5 of file EEqn.H.

Referenced by heThermo< BasicSolidThermo, MixtureType >::Cv().

◆ Cp

const volScalarField& Cp = tCp()

Definition at line 7 of file EEqn.H.

Referenced by solidificationMeltingSource::addSup(), constAnIsoSolidTransport< Thermo >::alphah(), constIsoSolidTransport< Thermo >::alphah(), exponentialSolidTransport< Thermo >::alphah(), sutherlandTransport< Thermo >::alphah(), polynomialSolidTransport< Thermo, PolySize >::alphah(), polynomialTransport< Thermo, PolySize >::alphah(), logPolynomialTransport< Thermo, PolySize >::alphah(), liquidProperties::alphah(), SprayParcel< ParcelType >::calc(), ReactingMultiphaseParcel< ParcelType >::calcDevolatilisation(), ReactingParcel< ParcelType >::calcPhaseChange(), tabulatedNTUHeatTransfer::calculateHtc(), HuaXu::CHFSubCool(), standardPhaseChange::correctModel(), solidMixtureProperties::Cp(), hConstThermo< EquationOfState >::Cp(), hRefConstThermo< EquationOfState >::Cp(), hPowerThermo< EquationOfState >::Cp(), janafThermo< EquationOfState >::Cp(), liquidMixtureProperties::Cp(), thermo< Thermo, Type >::cp(), hPolynomialThermo< EquationOfState, PolySize >::Cp(), Cv(), energyTransport::energyTransport(), setFlow::execute(), energyTransport::execute(), thermo< Thermo, Type >::gamma(), thermoSingleLayer::hs(), ReynoldsAnalogy::htc(), Bromley::htcFilmBoil(), waveModel::initialiseGeometry(), waveMakerPointPatchVectorField::initialiseGeometry(), constTransport< Thermo >::kappa(), WLFTransport< Thermo >::kappa(), heThermo< BasicSolidThermo, MixtureType >::kappa(), heThermo< BasicSolidThermo, MixtureType >::kappaEff(), ThermoParcel< ParcelType >::readFields(), ThermoParcel< ParcelType >::readObjects(), eConstThermo< EquationOfState >::S(), eRefConstThermo< EquationOfState >::S(), ThermoCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud >::Sh(), alphatWallBoilingWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField::updateCoeffs(), energySpectrum::write(), ThermoParcel< ParcelType >::writeFields(), and ThermoParcel< ParcelType >::writeObjects().

◆ Cv

◆ gamma

◆ thermoDict

◆ eosDict

const dictionary& eosDict = thermoDict.subDict("equationOfState")

Definition at line 18 of file EEqn.H.

Referenced by if().

◆ bool

◆ else

Initial value:
const volScalarField& T0 = T.oldTime()

Definition at line 34 of file EEqn.H.

◆ p0

const volScalarField& p0 = p.oldTime()

Definition at line 36 of file EEqn.H.

Referenced by CentredFitSnGradData< Polynomial >::calcFit(), FitData< CentredFitSnGradData< Polynomial >, extendedCentredCellToFaceStencil, Polynomial >::calcFit(), triSurfaceTools::calcInterpolationWeights(), PatchTools::checkOrientation(), SprayParcel< ParcelType >::chi(), noiseFFT::dbToPa(), pointNoise::filterTimeData(), searchableSurfacesQueries::findAnyIntersection(), InjectionModel< CloudType >::findCellAtPosition(), refinementSurfaces::findHigherIntersection(), searchableExtrudedCircle::findParametricNearest(), if(), isoSurfaceTopo::interpolate(), triangleFuncs::intersectBb(), sumParticleOp< VOFParticle >::operator()(), distributedTriSurfaceMesh::overlappingSurface(), dynamicIndexedOctree< Foam::dynamicTreeDataPoint >::overlaps(), indexedOctree< Foam::treeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType > >::overlaps(), lumpedPointMovement::pointsDisplacement(), lumpedPointMovement::pointsPosition(), BSpline::position(), CatmullRomSpline::position(), polyLine::position(), noiseFFT::PSD(), ReactingMultiphaseParcel< ParcelType >::readObjects(), tetDecomposer::setRefinement(), noiseFFT::SPL(), surfaceFeatures::subsetPlane(), coordinateScaling< scalar >::transform(), uniformTotalPressureFvPatchScalarField::updateCoeffs(), cuttingSurfaceBase::walkCellCuts(), ReactingHeterogeneousParcel< ParcelType >::writeFields(), ReactingMultiphaseParcel< ParcelType >::writeFields(), coupledPolyPatch::writeOBJ(), ReactingHeterogeneousParcel< ParcelType >::writeObjects(), and ReactingMultiphaseParcel< ParcelType >::writeObjects().

◆ he

he = thermo.he(p, pow(p/p0, (gamma - scalar(1))/gamma)*T0)

Definition at line 38 of file EEqn.H.

Referenced by if().

◆ psi

psi = 1.0/((Cp - Cv)*T)

Definition at line 43 of file EEqn.H.

◆ rho

rho = thermo.rho()

Definition at line 45 of file EEqn.H.

GeometricField< scalar, fvPatchField, volMesh > volScalarField
Definition: volFieldsFwd.H:57
const volScalarField & T
Definition: createFieldRefs.H:2
scalar T0
Definition: createFields.H:22