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class  dimensionSet
 Dimension set for the base types. More...


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


Istream & operator>> (Istream &is, dimensionSet &ds)
Ostream & operator<< (Ostream &os, const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet min (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet max (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet clip (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet cmptMultiply (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet cmptDivide (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet pow (const dimensionSet &ds, const scalar p)
dimensionSet pow (const dimensionSet &ds, const dimensionedScalar &dS)
dimensionSet pow (const dimensionedScalar &dS, const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet sqr (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet pow2 (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet pow3 (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet pow4 (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet pow5 (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet pow6 (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet pow025 (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet sqrt (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet cbrt (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet magSqr (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet mag (const dimensionSet &ds)
dimensionSet sign (const dimensionSet &)
dimensionSet pos (const dimensionSet &)
dimensionSet pos0 (const dimensionSet &)
dimensionSet neg (const dimensionSet &)
dimensionSet neg0 (const dimensionSet &)
dimensionSet posPart (const dimensionSet &)
dimensionSet negPart (const dimensionSet &)
dimensionSet inv (const dimensionSet &ds)
 The dimensionSet inverted. More...
dimensionSet trans (const dimensionSet &ds)
 Check the argument is dimensionless (for transcendental functions) More...
dimensionSet atan2 (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
 Arguments need the same dimensions. Return dimensionless. More...
dimensionSet hypot (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
 Arguments need the same dimensions. Does not change the dimension. More...
dimensionSet transform (const dimensionSet &ds)
 Return the argument; transformations do not change the dimensions. More...
dimensionSet invTransform (const dimensionSet &ds)
 Return the argument; transformations do not change the dimensions. More...
dimensionSet operator~ (const dimensionSet &ds)
 The dimensionSet inverted. More...
dimensionSet operator- (const dimensionSet &ds)
 Unary negation. More...
dimensionSet operator+ (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet operator- (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet operator* (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet operator/ (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet operator& (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet operator^ (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)
dimensionSet operator&& (const dimensionSet &ds1, const dimensionSet &ds2)

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