Foam::Elliptic Namespace Reference


void ellipticIntegralsKE (const scalar m, scalar &K, scalar &E)
Foam::scalar JacobiAmp (const scalar u, const scalar mIn)
void JacobiSnCnDn (const scalar u, const scalar m, scalar &Sn, scalar &Cn, scalar &Dn)

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◆ ellipticIntegralsKE()

void Foam::Elliptic::ellipticIntegralsKE ( const scalar  m,
scalar &  K,
scalar &  E 

Definition at line 47 of file Elliptic.H.

References g, Foam::mag(), Foam::constant::mathematical::pi(), Foam::sqrt(), and Foam::sum().

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◆ JacobiAmp()

Foam::scalar Foam::Elliptic::JacobiAmp ( const scalar  u,
const scalar  mIn 

Definition at line 84 of file Elliptic.H.

References Foam::asin(), Foam::atan(), Foam::constant::universal::c, Foam::exp(), g, Foam::mag(), n, Foam::constant::mathematical::pi(), Foam::sin(), and Foam::sqrt().

Referenced by JacobiSnCnDn().

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◆ JacobiSnCnDn()

void Foam::Elliptic::JacobiSnCnDn ( const scalar  u,
const scalar  m,
scalar &  Sn,
scalar &  Cn,
scalar &  Dn 

Definition at line 134 of file Elliptic.H.

References Foam::cos(), JacobiAmp(), Foam::sin(), Foam::Sn(), and Foam::sqrt().

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