OpenFOAM Training heads to US University

OpenFOAM Training heads to US University

OpenCFD Ltd, the producer of the open source CFD software, OpenFOAM, is delivering its OpenFOAM Foundation and Advanced training courses at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in mid-April 2011. The training has been organised to include attendees from CMU, the University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Supercomputer Centre.

This is the first OpenFOAM training event by OpenCFD at a university in the US, even though OpenCFD routinely provides scheduled training courses (e.g. Houston, Chicago, San Francisco ) and on-site training to companies in the US. It has also given OpenFOAM training courses at several universities and supercomputing centres outside of the US, including: Universities of Strathclyde and Leeds (UK); Universitaet Stuttgart and Technische Fachhochschule Berlin (Germany); CSC Espoo (Finland); CSIR (South Africa); Universidad de Cantabria (Spain); Universide Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil).

The timing of this event at CMU, with its strong reputation in computing, engineering, science and technology, perhaps coincides with the rapid increase in use of OpenFOAM in the US and elsewhere. OpenFOAM offers great transparency, flexibility and extensibility by being open source; it makes simulations of complex engineering problems more affordable to all (particularly in parallel processing), by being free. The code can be studied and modified, combined with other open source software, compiled and run on massively parallel processing systems and in the “cloud”. It is these freedoms — due to open source — that give OpenFOAM users, like those attending the training at CMU, opportunities to explore and innovate so that progress can be made in CFD.

OpenCFD Ltd
7th April 2011