OpenFOAM® Aerospace Course

OpenFOAM®  Aerospace Course

OpenCFD is proud to present OpenFOAM training at the AIAA AVIATION Forum 2019. Training takes place on Saturday and Sunday (15/16 June) before the main Forum.

This 2 day course delivered by the official OpenFOAM Development and Release Authority introduces the open source CFD toolbox with a focus on aerospace external flow applications, AIAA accreditation, and 16-hours towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Key topics

  • Learn how to download and install the Official OpenFOAM open-source release
  • Use the built-in unstructured mesh generator snappyHexMesh and boundary layer controls
  • Apply appropriate physics and boundary conditions for aerospace applications
  • Execute a standard airfoil example using a RANS laminar-to-turbulent transitional modelling, comparing drag-polar, CL-alpha with experimental data, plotting skin friction and transition point
  • Familiarise yourself with the open-source software ParaView for post-processing
  • Establish the basics of OpenFOAM knowledge, leading to more advanced application and programming

Course outline

  • The OpenFOAM software distribution
  • Background in the use of Linux/UNIX
  • OpenFOAM applications
  • Basic meshing
  • Field initialisation and boundary conditions
  • Selecting models and setting parameters
  • Solution monitoring and control
  • Advanced meshing with snappyHexMesh
  • Mesh quality assessment
  • Boundary conditions
  • Reynolds-averaged simulation for turbulence
  • Post-processing tools and visualisation
  • Running in parallel
  • The finite volume method and PISO/SIMPLE/PIMPLE algorithms
  • Best practices for solver and discretization selections
  • Aerospace specific examples and cases

Course details

For registration please visit the AIAA conference site
Training will take place at the venue of the AVIATION Forum at Hilton Anatole, Dallas, Texas.
Course materials
Electronic PDF handout is provided to registered participants via AIAA.
The language used in all OpenFOAM courses is English.
Course times
Training will take part on June 15-16 2019 from 8am till 6:30pm
No prior knowledge of OpenFOAM, C++ or Linux is required but a basic knowledge of Linux and C++ is beneficial.