OpenFOAM® Training Locations

OpenFOAM®  Training Locations

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OpenFOAM courses are regularly scheduled at the following locations:


Amsterdam, Netherlands  -   Barcelona, Spain  -   Berlin, Germany  -   Bologna, Italy  -   Copenhagen, Denmark  -   Frankfurt, Germany  -   London, UK  -   Madrid, Spain  -   Milan, Italy  -   Munich, Germany  -   Paris, France  -   Stockholm, Sweden  -   Vienna, Austria.

The Americas
Atlanta, GA, USA  -   Boston, MA, USA  -   Chicago, IL, USA  -   Denver, CO, USA  -   Farmington Hills, MI, USA  -   Houston, TX, USA  -   Miami, FL, USA  -   Montreal, QC, Canada  -   Orlando, FL, USA  -   San Diego, CA, USA  -   San Francisco, CA, USA  -   San Jose, CA, USA  -   Seattle, WA, USA  -   Washington, DC, USA  -   Toronto, ON, Canada.
Asia Pacific
Melbourne, Australia  -   India  -   Singapore

Courses are also delivered in other locations from time to time.